Kabale Town

Kabale Town

Telling the world about a hidden wonder located in Kigezi sub-region, southwestern part of Uganda, a country gifted by nature; here is Kabale town. The town is located near Katuna boarder of Republic of Rwanda, neighboring Ntungamo, Rukiga, Kisoro and Rukungiri districts. It is a vibrant town with stunning landscape, terraced hills, cool weather and vibrant night life.

The town headquarters cover about 1,827 sq.km of land with a variety of amazing infrastructure, flora and fauna and very warm people. The landscape of this area features rolling hills, steep valleys at an altitude of 1,200m and lush vegetation; thus winning the praise as the “Switzerland of Africa”.

Kabale town is approximately 143km from the largest city in the western region of Uganda; Mbarara city and about 410kms southwest of Kampala capital, oldest city in Uganda. On-road, the drive from Kampala lasts for roughly 9-11 hours via Masaka and Mbarara cities, but with captivating views of rolling hills and the equator.

In 1980, Kabale district was renamed from Kigezi district. In 1911, Yowana Kitagana, the first catholic missionary constructed mission place in the area and then in 1912 the first protectorate mission built the very first church. The name Kabale was picked from a local Rukiga dialect word Kabale translated as “small stone”.

It is a vibrant town, open for visitors from all over the world, for business, adventure or relaxation alike. There are lots more to see and do around this town and the district at large. Think of walking or having a ride around town, as you visit some of the landmarks, such as Kabale University; a government – owned University with some of the best academic facilities, science and technology and Kabale golf course.

Attractions and activities in Kabale district.

For your honeymoon, weekend escape, end of year party, summer or winter holiday; head to Kabale district for several activities, fun and adventure.

Lake Bunyonyi.

“A place of little birds” Lake Bunyonyi is a beautiful place, six-mile-long bilharzia free lake, surrounded by over 29 unique Islands with historical significance. You can visit and engage in birding watching, community tours, canoe rides, picnics, horse rides, guided nature walks and so much more.

Kisiizi waterfalls.

Located at Kyabamba River, in the village of Kisiizi amidst Kigezi highlands, this is a historical place offering unmatched scenery and relaxation spot. The Bakiga people occupy the community in it.

Kalinzu forest reserve.

Visit the nearby Kalinzu forest and explore a variety of primates in its lush vegetation. These apes include; the chimpanzees, olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, red-tailed monkeys and the blue monkeys.

Punishment Island.

This historical island is located by the shores of Lake Bunyonyi. It is called the Punishment Island because unmarried pregnant girls or those caught engaging in adultery or any form of sexual acts were punished and banished there. The punishment has stopped but the place is still preserved to tell the story.

Gorilla and golden monkey trekking experiences.

This is a prime safari activity in Uganda and Kabale district. Gorillas are found in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks, located at the foothills of the vast Virunga chain of Mountains. The two parks are open for visitors all year round, with the best months being June to September and December to March.

Batwa pygmies’ cultural adventure.

Set feet to the Batwa community and interact with some of the shortest people on earth whose identity is attached to wondering and gathering in one of the oldest and most diverse misty tropical forests in the continent of Africa.

Accommodation facilities in Kabale town.

No need of getting stuck once in Kabale town because you can pick from any of the budgets, luxury or midrange hotels, Inns or safari lodges available. Some of the notable ones include; Paradise Eco-Hub, Crater Bay cottages, supreme Adventure Park Bunyonyi, Jowillis hotel, Bunyonyi Eco-resort, Bunyonyi Safaris Resort, Birdnest Resort and Arcadia cottages.

Make Kabale town your next safari stop and see your adventure dreams come to life.