8 Days Rwenzori Mountains Hike

Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to Kasese  

You will start your journey from your Hotel where you will be picked by our professional guide and transfer to Rwenzori National Park in Kasese District. The hikes may be a bit challenging to those who are not physically fit, we therefore encourage you to practice hiking.

Day 2: Hike to Nyabitaba Hut

After the morning breakfast, you will transfer to Nyakalengija the starting point and begin on the long awaited hike of the Rwenzori Mountains. You will hike through the Bakonzo households up the Rwenzori Mountains through a thick tropical forest. You will have a chance to see the inhabitants of the park like the forest Elephants, Black and white colobus monkeys, the three-horned chameleon, and birds like the Rwenzori Turaco and the Handsome Francolin. The hike to Nyabitaba hut will not just be hiking but so fulfilling with great views. Dinner and night stay at Nyabitaba Hut.

Day 3: Nyabitaba to John Mate Hut Hike

After the morning breakfast at Nyabitaba Hut you will be led by the professional guides to hike the Nyamuleju shelter where you will have your lunch as you enjoy the great views of Speke and Stanley mountains. You will also have a chance to swim in the fresh water of Rivers Mubuku and Bujuku which are near the John Matte hut. Dinner and overnight at John Mate hut.

Day 4: Transfer from John Matte hut to Bujuku hut

After the morning breakfast, you will start the hike crossing river Bujuku through the boggy area, you will also meet a steep hike as you hike to the Bujuku hut. The hike will be a chance to view mountains Stanley, Speke and Baker and Lake Bujuku. Dinner and night stay at Bujuku hut.

Day 5: Bujuku to Elena Hut

The Elena hut is part of Mount Stanley which is too cold being the highest point of Rwenzori mountain, you will enjoy greater views of Mount Speke and Mount Baker. You will enjoy the going higher to over 4372 meters high from Bujuku hut to Elena hut through the steep boggy area including near Lake Bijuku. Dinner and overnight at Elena hut.

Day 6: Hike to Kitandara

After the morning breakfast, you will embark on the major hike to the top of Mount Stanley and Margherita peak which is the highest in all the Rwenzori peaks. The hike through the snow is sometimes challenging but the guides will take you through this experience with ease. You will have your dinner and stay at Kitandara hut that day.

Day 7: Guy Yeoman hut

After a nice breakfast here, you will hike through the base of mount Baker to the historic rock shelter with your packed lunch that you will have on the way. You must be aware that the hikes take hours and you will need enough snacks for energy to manage the hikes. Dinner and overnight at Guy Yeoman hut found near River Mubuku.

Day 8: Return to the bottom

After breakfast on this day, you will start to descend to the bottom of the Rwenzori mountains to meet your driver at Nyakalengija. You will arrive in the afternoon and meet your driver to transfer to Kampala/Entebbe.

End of the trip




8 Days Rwenzori Mountains Hike